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23-6-18  -  (From Facebook)  -  I have a friend who had a medical misadventure in theatre. Infections have had us in emergency for a year and a half, twice in 3 days, life threatening Infections, Sepsis, E Coli, Temperatures, Fevers and incredible pain and suffering. Well a wonderful lady Sue Berryman who makes Allsorts4u Colloidal Silver gifted us a bottle. My friend has stopped her gagging/vomiting every morning for over a year - No more fevers - No visits to Emergency -  longest time out of Hospital since taking Colloidal Silver - NO INFECTIONS - Appetite has returned ... A Natural Germ Killer, All round Immunity Builder ...I haven't had a Chest infection in years since taking Colloidal Silver ... Best $40 for a litre I've ever spent ... Contact me ... Your An Angel Sue  (Posted by Michelle A, Nelson NZ)