About Us

Hello and Welcome to our Website –

Proudly New Zealand owned and operated we are based in beautiful Nelson and have an ongoing commitment to ensure all our products are of the highest quality.

Our Flagship Product is our very own range of Allsorts4u Colloidal Silver.

How it came about:

Back around 2007 my husband cut half of one of his fingers off (yes – ouch!) and commented to me “I should be dipping this in Colloidal Silver”! That set my mind into action, so we sourced a small amount initially which really helped.

I then started researching the internet which led to the purchase of the necessary equipment to produce our own brand of good high quality Colloidal Silver.

My husband’s finger began to heal quite quickly. He was drinking Colloidal Silver as well as dipping his finger in it before putting on the dressings etc. We could definitely see the benefit of Colloidal Silver supporting the repair and rebuilding of the tissue over the top of the amputation.

I also started taking it as I had previously been really challenged with severe exhaustion and intense body pain for several years. I was normally a highly motivated person but those last few years had been a real struggle with such extreme exhaustion, pain and frustration, and don’t tell me about ‘brain-fog’!

However, after taking the Colloidal Silver for a few weeks, I found I was starting to have slightly better days and didn’t get so ‘fogged-in-the-brain’ which in itself was great progress. Even today, I still have to pace myself but at least I am now feeling more alive! I truly believe the underlying causes have being taken care of by the Colloidal Silver.

A few years later, one of our friends broke out in severe blisters caused by a virus and by then, I had researched a natural gelling agent, so made up some Colloidal Silver Gel for his wife to apply all over his back and chest where the blisters had broken out. He was also taking ‘silver bullet’ amounts of Colloidal Silver Liquid. We needed to hit the cause of the blisters hard! The result – he only had one day off work and there was no scarring from the blisters which are normally extremely painful and debilitating.

Allsorts4u Colloidal Silver speaks for itself!

The word soon spread and there have been many more testimonies as Allsorts4u Colloidal Silver spoke for itself.

So, with the advancement of technology, I will now be introducing other product ranges such as my husband’s beautiful Handcrafted Wooden Pens along with many more of his wood turning creations (yes, even with only nine and a half fingers) onto this site, hence the name Allsorts4u.

This is just another good reason to keep coming back as we bring Allsorts4u all from the one online shop!

We wish you the best of health and shopping and look forward to having you as one of our special customers for a long time to come.

Regards from the team,


 Sue Berryman  (Owner Allsorts4u)

 Nelson, New Zealand