ATTENTION: This product is available for sale in NEW ZEALAND ONLY

KWILA - The heartwood is yellowish-brown, brown or dark red, red-brown, turning to a dark red-brown with age. The wood is hard and heavy and often used for furniture, flooring, decking etc. The texture is moderately coarse but even and the grain may be straight or interlocked and is often wavy. Sulphur-yellow and dark coloured deposits are characteristic of the species and can be commonly seen in the vessel cavities.

This pen has been lovingly handcrafted by Alan Berryman of Nelson, New Zealand especially for you.

Because of the nature of Kwila wood, there will be several variations in grain and colour of each individual pen which makes each unit totally unique.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the wide variations as above, the pen you receive may differ in colour and shape, but will be as close as possible to the picture shown.


Handcrafted Pen - Kwila

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