ATTENTION: This product is available for sale in NEW ZEALAND ONLY

The Walnut tree is a large stately tree forming a well-rounded canopy. Has an impressive branching framework especially evident during winter. It has the well-known edible walnuts when maturing. Walnut wood is lumber cut from the trees of the Juglans genus. This wood has been popular in the creation of furniture for its strength, coloring and its ability to be shaped into elaborate curves. Today, furniture and firearms that use Walnut wood are very valuable pieces that are cherished by collectors.

This pen has been lovingly handcrafted from richly grained Walnut wood by Alan Berryman of Nelson, New Zealand especially for you. 

Because of the nature of natural wood, there may be variations in grain and colour of each individual pen which makes each unit totally unique. 

PLEASE NOTE: The pen you receive may vary in colour and shape from the picture shown but will be the same wood.


Handcrafted Pen - Walnut

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